The Window

The Art of Storytelling

The Window is a barebones roleplaying system, without argument. Though the Three Precepts give guidelines to help everyone use this lack of structure to their advantage, the final factor that determines whether the Window will work for a given troupe is the Storyteller.

A skilled Storyteller can make any system work, no matter how sparse or complex. (The only question then is which system is best for her story.) An unskilled Storyteller, on the other hand, needs a tremendous framework of rules to guide him along. For him the system necessarily comes first.

The Window is designed to support the Storyteller's own style, to provide just the right level of complexity for a given scene. Unfortunately, the Window can do nothing if the Storyteller has no creative vision or lacks the ability to show inexperienced actors what roleplaying is about. These are not skills which come easily. For the most part, learning to be a good Storyteller is a struggle which occurs in a vacuum. There are no manuals, no formal methodologies, and it can be difficult to find other people to talk to about the kinds of concerns Storytellers have.

Now, with that being said...

The best place to learn about storytelling, discuss storytelling, or talk about anything else roleplaying related is to get involved in the community. Go to local cons and hang out at local stores. If you don't have easy access to these things, find a community online. There are lots of them out there.