Character Picture

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Roszia is a wizard, and has studied a variety of magics. His path of knowledge is one that requires him to narrow all energies into one thought at a time, and thus his magic is quite focused.

Roszian has...

Above average physical strength. (D10)
Average health. (D12)
Average agility. (D12)
Very high knowledge of the world. (D6)
Above average perceptive powers. (D10)
Low luck. (D30)
Powerful magic. (D8)

Roszian is...

A professor of Metasciences. (D8)
A knowledgeable historian. (D10)
An excellent artist. (D8)
A skilled archer. (D10)
An amateur medic. (D20)
An average swimmer. (D12)

Roszian is carrying...

His maple staff, ornate and bejeweled.
A small first aid kit.
A sketch pad and pencil.

Roszian can...

Note: Roszian can only have one spell active at a time.

Turn himself "mostly" invisible to normal sight. (D6)
Project a mystical shield in a 6' cone about himself. (D12)
See in the dark and detect "magical" powers. (D10)
Slowly "Heal" people he touches (or himself). (D12)
Float at a maximum speed of 20mph. (D10)