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Praddler Quid

Pradler is a smartmouthing militiaman with big dreams. He is young, foolish, and very quick to make decisions. If it wasn't for the fact that he's sharp as a dragon's tooth, he'd have been dead years ago.

Praddler has...

Above average physical strength. (D6)
High health. (D8)
Great agility. (D6)
Average knowledge of the world. (D12)
Above average perceptive powers. (D10)
Above average luck. (D10)

Praddler is...

A skilled spearman. (D10)
A professional militia man. (D10)
A total smartass. (D10)
An expert lockpick. (D8)
An amateur pickpocket. (D20)
A great horseman. (D8)

Praddler is carrying...

His spear.
His round shield.
A lockpick kit.