Character Picture

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Dr. Francis Porthright
White male, 32 years of age.

Francis Porthright is a law professor at the University of Oxford and is an intellectual leader in the field of criminal justice. He has written a book on the subject, and he has some radical theories about the criminal mind, insisting that many social deviants are inferior in mind, body, and spirit to the intellectual class.

Dr. Porthright is a very social young bachelor who always has something to say. He prides himself on never having changed an opinion since he was 14, and though some see him as arrogant, there is no arguing that he has a sharp mind and a keen sense of vision.

Dr. Porthright has...

Average strength. (D12)
Average agility. (D12)
Average health. (D12)
Very high knowledge of the world. (D6)
Very high sanity. (D6)
High powers of perception. (D8)
Above average luck. (D10)

Dr. Porthright is...

An expert lawyer. (D8)
A professional college professor. (D10)
A skilled writer. (D10)
An average horseman. (D12)
An average swimmer. (D12)

Dr. Porthright is carrying...

His personal case, including...
A notepad
A cigarette case and matches
A looking glass
A comb, straightrazor and shaving cream
An extra handkerchief
Half a dozen copies of his book.