Character Picture

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Popey Smilts
White male, 17 years of age

Popey is a newsey from the streets of London. He is quick witted and nimble fingered, and he has been known to take an extra tip or two without the customer's knowledge.

Popey is great at impersonating people, and he's a popular comedian among his mates. He has an inherent distrust of authority, especially police, though he is quick to help out those who need it and he sees the cops like mean and stupid adversaries who do some good, but not enough.

Popey is good with a knife, though he doesn't like to fight.

Popey has...

Average strength. (D12)
High agility. (D8)
Above average health. (D10)
Average knowledge of the world. (D12)
Average sanity. (D12)
Average powers of perception. (D12)
Below average luck. (D20)

Popey is...

Very streetwise. (D10)
A professional newsey. (D10)
A practiced pickpocket and thief. (D10)
Extremely stealthy. (D6)
A great climber. (D8)
Good with a knife. (D10)
A good swimmer. (D10)

Popey is carrying...

A small, folding knife.
A pair of tight gloves.
A picklock.
A rubber ball he likes to bounce.