Character Picture

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Mrs. Pearl Oscherman
White female, 33 years of age

Pearl Oscherman is a gypsy originally from poland. Now living the the Dover region with a family of four, Pearl is the midwife for her community and considered very wise.

Pearl has a chillingly real belief in the supernatural, and she loves to tell stories about all manner of frightening superstition. However, she is far from morbid, having an easy laugh and a kind heart.

Pearl sees the world through the eyes of a simple woman, though those eyes are keen and clear.

Pearl has...

Below average strength. (D20)
Below average agility. (D20)
Average health. (D20)
Below average knowledge of the world. (D20)
Average sanity. (D12)
Average powers of perception. (D12)
High luck. (D8)

Pearl is...

Fluent in Polish and English. (D8)
A mother of four. (D8)
A professional midwife. (D10)
A master storyteller. (D6)
Knowledgeable about ghosts and fables. (D10)
Good with animals. (D10)

Pearl is carrying...

A cross on a silver chain.
Her eyeglasses.