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Karji Nadim

The Karji Seluka is a warrior caste from the southern deserts that prides itself on an ancient tribal tradition going back a thousand years.

Nadim has been in City Stonefall for a year now, and has established a well deserved reputation for efficiency serving on the King's guard.

Nadim has...

Above average physical strength. (D10)
Average health. (D12)
High agility. (D8)
Average knowledge of the world. (D12)
High perceptive powers. (D8)
Very high luck. (D6)

Nadim is...

An expert guard. (D8)
Well trained in martial arts. (D10)
Knowledgeable about the Black Market. (D12)
A person who grew up in a desert. (D10)
Very stealthy. (D10)

Nadim is carrying...

His mace.
His shield.
His armor.