Character Picture

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Detective Charles Ledergold
White male, 39 years of age

When Charlie Ledergold enters a bar, a hush goes over the crowd. It's not that anyone's afraid of him, it's just that Mr. Ledergold has a way of overhearing every conversation and storing away the interesting bits in his own personal file...

Mr. Ledergold can talk his way into anywhere, and he's got a way of speaking to you that makes you know when he's after you.

It's very rare when Detective Charles misses a day of work, and it's even more rare for him to botch a case.

Detective Ledergold has...

High strength. (D8)
Average agility. (D12)
Above average health. (D10)
Average knowledge of the world. (D12)
Average sanity. (D12)
Excellent powers of perception. (D6)
Below average luck. (D20)

Detective Ledergold is...

Incredibly good at recalling info. (D8)
A expert detective. (D8)
An impressive marksman. (D10)
Very streetwise. (D8)
An OK brawler. (D12)
A skilled interrogator. (D10)
A below average swimmer. (D20)

Detective Ledergold is carrying...

A pack of clove cigarettes and matches.
His 5 shot revolver under his arm.
A notepad and pencil.