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Lady Shelly Fulbright
White female, 23 years of age

Shelly Fulbright is a fairly distant relative to Queen Victoria. Her father was a Irish Baron, and she was raised in relative luxury.

She married Lord Fulbright of Kensington two years ago and became well known as a grace to the Queen's court. She soon became a regular caller to the Queen herself, as they both share a love for cards and stories of the supernatural.

One month ago, Shelly's husband was killed when he fell from his horse. She has been in mourning since, though she is finally recovering. Long talks with the Queen have helped her, and now she wants to get on with her life.

Lady Fulbright has...

Average strength. (D12)
Above average agility. (D10)
High health. (D8)
Average knowledge of the world. (D12)
Average sanity. (D12)
Average powers of perception. (D12)
Average luck. (D12)

Lady Fulbright is...

A skilled artist. (D10)
Interested in the supernatural. (D12)
Very good at cards. (D10)
A fair pianist. (D12)
A skilled equestrian. (D10)
An excellent swimmer. (D6)

Lady Fulbright is carrying...

A deck of cards.
A small makeup kit.
A handkerchief.
A diary/sketchbook and a pen.