Character Picture

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Elia is a mentalist with a well documented personal relationship with the royal family. She has mild precognitive abilities, and can perform various feats of might over magic. She is very friendly, and seems to have contacts all over the place.

Elia has...

Average physical strength. (D12)
Average health. (D12)
Average agility. (D12)
High knowledge of the world. (D8)
Above average perceptive powers. (D10)
High luck. (D8)
Strong magic. (D10)

Elia is...

A professional mentalist. (D10)
A great gambler. (D8)
A lover, not a fighter. (D10, D30)
An average swimmer. (D12)

Elia is carrying...

A magical map of City Stonefall.

Elia can...

Tell when people are lying to her. (D8)

"Persuade" people to tell the truth. (D12)
Note that this she has to have their ear and their full attention.

"Persuade" people to do as she asks. (D12)
It's much harder to get people to do something they usually wouldn't, especially if it puts them in personal danger.

Tell when something bad is about to happen. (D20)

Perform minor illusions with light. (D8)