Character Picture

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Captain Michael Daurqban
White male, 35 years of age.

Michael Daurqban was born in Germany where his father worked as a shipbuilder. When he was 14 he went on his first cross-atlantic voyage, and he has been a sailor ever since.

Michael has been in command of his own vessel for three years, and his crew and cutter currently holds the record for the fastest sail crossing of the Atlantic.

Michael has been all over the world, and like any sailor he has his share of superstitions, which he insists are grounded on practical experience.

Michael has...

Average strength. (D12)
Average agility. (D12)
Average health. (D12)
Very high knowledge of the world. (D6)
Below average sanity. (D20)
Average powers of perception. (D12)
Average luck. (D12)

Michael is...

A master sea captain and sailor. (D6)
Skilled at navigating. (D10)
An amateur at Morse code. (D20)
A below average horseman. (D20)
An excellent swimmer. (D8)
Fluent in German, English, French, Polish, and Portuguese. (D8)

Michael is carrying...

His longpipe.
An assortment of tobacco.
A case of matches.
A small flask of brandy.