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A Gamer Highlight: Anthony Carver

Spring 1997/Vol 4, no 1

While guest conducting at the Chattanooga Rail Challenge in late March, I was able to visit with Anthony Carver, the TGA Train Gamer of the Year for 1996. I was curious about some of Anthony's ideas about train gaming in general and his involvement in the hobby in particular. Our conversation was held while Anthony participated in an 18xx final. How appropriate!

Heather: What was the first train game you ever played?
Anthony: Empire Builder... I saw it at GenCon six or seven years ago.
H: My first ws Rail Baron.
A: Oh... oh, that's right I played Rail Baron a couple of times with my gaming group first.
H: When did you play your first 18xx game?
A: About four and a half years ago and we played it all wrong! We played about eight or nine rules interpretations wrong like we thought you could only buy one train at a time.
H: Why do you think you're so successful at train games, you know, in the Puffing Billy Tournaments?
A: Basically I have to attribute it to my gaming group. It's experience, I've seen such nasty games that I can see it coming and defend against it.
H: How many times a week do you play train games?
A: Once a week. Sometimes we meet to play other games and play a train game first, too.
H: How many conventions do you attend a year?
A: It's up to a dozen or so.
H: What is it you like about train games?
A: The competition. It's an ego thing, that you can beat the best. I like that the PBTs keep track so that I can see how I'm doing against other gamers.
H: You mean train gamers?
A: Yeah.
H: Here's a difficult question--what's your favorite train game?
A: That ain't so hard, 1870!
H: Why 1870?
A: It's just well-made. The complexity. The rules are well-written, well-laid out. It has enough quirks to make it unique. And it runs about five hours not too long so people can stretch it out.
H: You've been the PBT Champion at RailCon in `95 and `96. Are you going for a hat trick in 1997?
A: I'm just going to put it his way, I'm going to do my best to win. I'm not going there to lose!

And that folks was that!

A Gamer Highlight will be a regular feature in future issues of the TGG. If you have someone you would like to see highlighted or would like to submit an interview, contact us!


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