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Here you will find articles published in the Train Gamers Gazette, starting with the Winter of 1995 issue. We hope to bring the older issues online soon. Unlike our past website format, these articles have been separated into general categories of interest, not by issue, although each article contains the date of issue number for when that article was published. Some few articles have been placed in other areas because their content is more directly relevant to those areas. We felt that this new format would be easier for you to use.

What you will not find in this area are any of the game inserts and variants that we have published. It has never been our policy to publish these inserts and in the past, we have been criticized by train gamers online for not doing so. Our reasons for this omission are good.

First of all, the designers, themselves, have never given us permission to place these variants online. As most of you may know, copyright issues on the internet have become an increasingly difficult problem. Many individuals assume that if something appears on the internet that it must be in the public domain. Not true! And in an attempt to protect our game designers, we simply choose not to place their variants on our website (not that some of them would have granted us permission even if we had wanted to do so).

Second of all, we have always felt that the TGG is a main incentive for people to join the TGA and the game variants are the central focus of the TGG. If we place these variants online for anyone to download then we have defeated the purpose of the TGG. The TGA is not a large organization with unlimited funds but a non-profit organization with a very small bank account. If individuals really enjoy what we are doing, then they should support our efforts and join the TGA. The cost is little. In fact a renewal costs less than one month of AOL these days. And for only $10 more ($30) a new member receives a t-shirt as well.

So be kind. Before you download any article, think about the copyright issues. Often, we will be glad to let you place an article in another area or to a newsgroup but you should ask permission first. Actually, you should be doing this as a matter of course with any website, not just the TGA's. And if you find yourself downloading and perusing alot of material, that might be a signal that you enjoy the TGA's attempts to support train gaming and you might want to consider joining our organization (check out the TGA info area).


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