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TGG Editorial

Winter 1996/Vol. 3 No. 3

First off, just let me say to the many of you whohave been patient withme--Thank you! In the past months since the TGA released its summer issue of the TGG, many things have happened to me on a personal basis. My family picked up house and moved--lock, stock, and barrel. My youngest son has been seriously ill since just after RailCon `96. Then my older son decided that he would join in the fun by coming down with Mono. I was exhausted. In short, I needed time to take care of my family and to take a break.

I let those of you that I could know what was happening and maintained minimal control over the course the TGA steered.

Most of you probably noticed something going on simply because no Fall issue of the TGG found its way into your mailbox. No need to worry, you haven't been taken off the membership rolls, nor have we lost your address. I never had the time to produce the Fall issue. Let me make this point clear--I did not publish the Fall 1996 TGG because of personal crises, not due to any financial problems within the TGA. In fact, the TGA is maintaining pretty well money-wise.

Now, I am moved, my sons are well, and I am looking forward to renewing my acquaintance with all of you. I'm excited about getting back to editing the TGG and to make up for my deplorable lapse, I am sending your way, a special double issue of the TGG, complete with three train game variants. Well, sort of variants. You'll see what I mean.

And lots of other good things, too!

Oh, and by the way, yes it is that time of year, again. What time you say? The time to renew your TGA membership for 1997. If the renewal forms aren't included in this mailing then have already received them in the mail. I urge you to seriously consider renewing as a vote of confidence in our efforts to support train gaming around the world and to ensure that you don't miss any juicy issues of the TGG.

I plan to enjoy my holidays and here's hoping that you all have a wonderful Christmas season,too.


Heather Barnhorst


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