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TGG Editorial

Winter 1995/Vol 2, no 4

Dear Friends:

The holiday season has come upon us faster than I thought possible but in a very real sense, I've already had my Christmas.

Franco Vellani has confirmed that he and some friends will be attending RailCon `96. Mr. Vellani, the designer of several wonderful 18xx variants, will be our guest-of-honor and I know that he will make an exciting addition to the convention. He and I have opened a dialogue on his 18xx club in Italy and the tournaments he holds there. I hope to publish this information in a future issue of the TGG. I know that we are all curious about what our fellow train gamers in Europe are up to these days.

The number of renewals that the TGA is receiving this season is my second gift. While only a few renewals trickle in a day, they add up to a steadily increasing number. And a number of you have been kind enough to include notes or bits of info about railroading or train gaming in your area. I feel as if I have friends all over the world, now, and what a wonderful feeling it is, too!

The rail tour associated with RailCon is always my biggest nightmare--not because I dread the thing but because I feel as if I am on tenterhooks as people register. Who will register? When? Will we have enough people to make the tour viable? So, I want to thank all of you who have already sent in deposits or have written me to tell me you plan to. That's just one more little thing off my mind.

Three great gifts from you to me in this lovely season. I hope your Christmas goes as well as mine seems to be.

From me and all the folks on the board of the TGA:

Merry Christmas!

Heather Barnhorst

P.S. Buy those train prints by KC Lancaster (only $10 each) and help the TGA make enough to operate through next year!


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