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Summer 1997/Vol 4, no 2

Dear Friends,

Can it be summer again? Can Origins, GenCon, and a host of other conventions really be around the corner? Unbelievable.

I must admit that I anticipated this convention season with some trepidation. With Mayfair closing down its doors earlier this year, I had no idea what to expect in terms of the number of conventions wishing to run Puffing Billy® Tournaments around the country. Yes, Mayfair has reopened for business but both Darwin and Peter Bromley were huge supporters of the PBTs in a personal manner. If a convention requested them to run a PBT, in all likelihood they would. They made the very best spokesmen for the TGA. While Mayfair has reiterated its determination to continue its corporate sponsorship of the TGA, I was certainly aware that the company wouldn't be able to send representatives to conventions as it had done in the past.

Although Darwin and Peter have continued to attend conventions, both have embarked on other endeavors, not least of which is that Darwin and Trella are expecting their second baby in September.

I honestly expected the number of conventions running PBTs to go down this year. But, I have been surprised!

I have received more requests for PBT sanctions in the past two months than ever before, both from conventions that had run previous PBTs under the Mayfair banner and new ones that had heard about us from other sources and were excited to become a part of the PBT circuit.

What all this meant is that I have had to reach out to new
conductors. People who have volunteered in the past but who have had no opportunity to run a PBT before this summer. And their excitement and creative input can only improve the PBT concept

Other News:

I reported that no PBT would take place at Three Rivers Game Fest. I was in error. Andon had asked Peter Bromley to run the tournament and through a miscommunication I was never informed of this development. Fortunately, everybody who was affected was informed of the mistake in time to make plans to join the PBT at Three Rivers. As an aside, I have been told that Three Rivers no longer awards Dealer Dollars for their tournaments but will award manufacturer gift certificates and entrance passes to Andon's other shows.

I received a nice letter from David Metheny, editor of Rail Gamer, which bodes well for the continued good will between our two publications.

Until we meet again,

Heather Barnhorst


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