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Summer 1996/Vol 3, no 2

It is that time of year when we enter the busiest convention season and, for us at the TGA, we look forward to its culmination in RailCon '96. It is a time for all of us to enjoy--to enjoy train gaming and the competition that our opponents give us. There is a lot of excitement during this period as we look forward to the national championships and jockey for position. Can we win one of the coveted berths in the Masters? And, if not, then we can always attend and participate in the Open Championships which will ensure that we attend RailCon '97 as a Masters champion.

And, of course, winning a Puffing Billy Tournament or gaining TGA points is always gratifying. Always.

As part of this process of looking forward, I offer you an issue on RailCon '96 and Puffing Billy Tournaments in general. But, in all the excitement, we should never forget the basic principles of gaming:

  • Fairness
  • Honesty
  • Courtesy

These are the three ideas that all of our rules are predicated upon. In pursuit of reminding everyone of this, this issue brings to you a group of guidelines that we are calling Player's Etiquette. Be assured that your Puffing Billy Conductors have very similar guidelines which they must follow, too.

Also, Mike Massullo has sent in a little piece of entertainment that speaks to the heart of a friendly discussion some of us have been carrying on; is it better to play lots of games and hope for a win or would we do better to concentrate on a few games? Basically, does quantity or quality carry the day? Read his analysis to see what he thinks.

And a first for the TGG--an article on strategy. Louis Newman has set down his thoughts and theories on the practice and play of Empire Builder style games. Anyone willing to offer feedback?

One last word. Many of you read my last letter about the financial health of the TGA and were concerned enough to contact me. Others actually went out of their way to encourage new members to join. A few signed on for life-time memberships. What a joy it was to see the support. That coupled with the additional memberships the TGA receives at this time of year, brought us back to financial stability. Now, if RailCon '96 does as well as I hope, the TGA should be set through next summer. Thank you all for your support. It meant a lot to me.

Hoping to see you and talk with you this summer,

Heather Barnhorst


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