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TGG Editorial

Spring 1997/Vol 4, no 1

Dear Friends,

You may have noticed that the Spring issue of the TGG is a trifle late but I have good reason--Good News! As I will detail later in this issue, it appeared that Mayfair had closed down business forever in late January. Most of us are aware of this now, but I had been in contact with Lou Rexing at Mayfair, an old acquaintance and a man I respect quite a bit. He told me to hold off on any announcement of the demise of Mayfair because it might prove to be premature! And, as you will see in our feature article, it was. So, I made an editorial decision to hold off on the TGG until I could report to you the full story. I think all of you will agree that it was worth waiting a few weeks to receive this issue since it does contain such wonderful news for train gamers around the country.

Some of you have been e-mailing or calling me about the new publication Rail Gamer. I cannot tell you much since I have not received any of the info that you have in the mail. What I have has been photocopied and sent me. I can tell you this--David Metheny is a TGA member of long-standing and it seems to me that the format is somewhat similar to the TGG minus the game reviews and, perhaps, the game variants. You have asked me if I think you should subscribe. How can I answer a question like that? All I can do is say that if you think subscribing to the Rail Gamer would foster and promote train gaming then please do so. Or if you believe that you would enjoy receiving and reading the publication then by all means buy it. Personally I would like to see both publications branch out and not cover the same materials so that both of them can be the maximum benefit to you, the train gamer.

Yes, it is true, there will be no Puffing Billy Tournament at Three-Rivers Con in Pittsburgh on Memorial Day weekend. Andon Unlimited, the convention organizers, decided to have Mr. John Bohrer of Winsome Games run his Superchief tournament and we felt that it would be a disservice to train gamers at the convention to attempt to run two separate train game tournaments at the same convention. What I saw of the schedule, it appears to me that 18xxers should enjoy the tourney but don't expect Express, Freight Train, and Iron Dragon since these games have been disallowed in the tournament due to the philosophy of the tournament mission. Once again I say if you think you would enjoy playing train games at Three-Rivers Con then participate in the Superchief.

Also, the TGA is implementing a new program, the Divisional PBT, that could mean more TGA points for members so check out the article on that in this issue.

Until we meet again,

Heather Barnhorst


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