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TGG Editorial

Spring 1996/Vol 3, no 1


Dear Friends,

I love the TGA, you know that, or I wouldn't be doing this. And I think that goes for Mark Smith who does the TGA web page and the TGA board members. It can't be for the pay because we don't get any.

Which brings me to that touchy subject: money. I'll be blunt. The TGA is broke. Let me say that again--the TGA is broke.

At least temporarily until the convention season heats up. That means we have no money to print the second edition of the Puffing Billy handbook, no money to order t-shirts, no money to purchase 1996 TGA pins, no money for offices supplies or to fund our web sit. I'll be honest it was touch and go whether or not we could print the Spring issue of the TGG. And then it was touch and go whether or not we had enough money to mail it!

We are looking into ways of bringing more money into the organization: Raising advertising rates and exploring different avenues of advertising, raising TGA memberships, charging fees for the PBC Handbook and charging conventions a small fee for Puffing Billy Tournaments being run.

But there are ways that you can help:

Have you renewed your membership for 1996? Have your friends renewed theirs? Do you know any train gamers who don't know about the TGA. Tell them about us, urge them to join. Purchase a gift membership for them.

Are you attending RailCon '96? Send us your convention membership early. Tell your friends about this great event. Again, urge them to attend.

We still have the KC Lancaster train print for sale at the incredibly, inexpensive price of $10. Buy one, two, heck a dozen. You'll be getting great train art and supporting the TGA at the same time!

Consider purchasing a lifetime membership. That's right, a lifetime membership. Never worry about renewing again. It is $350 but worth it. Show your support for the TGA in a way that will last for a life time and help us in our infancy.

Yes, our financil picture is grim but I have faith that the TGA will continue to grow and achieve all our dreams, I really do, but for now, I leave you with this:

In the words of that eternal optimist, Blanche Dubois? "I have always relied on the kindness of strangers."

Heather Barnhorst


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