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Late Spring 1998/Vol 5, no 2

Dear Friends,

I come into the Summer convention renewed and ready for more train gaming than ever. While I have cut back on my convention attending (personal finances and my husband dictated it!), I do plan on attending several conventions this year. The next will be in Los Angeles for Memorial Day Weekend and then I will be attending GenCon. I am not sure what I will do there without a PBT to tear my hair out over but several well-meaning friends have suggested that I might have some fun this year. So, that is what I plan to do -- spend some time with some friends I rarely see, have a few drinks, go dancing, and, oh, by the way, I might actually play some non-train-oriented games. Formula De is one of my personal favorites right now so who knows what sort of trouble I will get up to at GenCon (look me up, I am still always ready to talk train gaming or answer questions about the TGA -- one never forgets one's first love).

Then on to the TGA's 1998 Railfanning tour in Colorado and RailCon. Yes, I will be attending the tour this year. I am personally organizing this to maximize the fun and I want to be there when it happens. There may be several other small conventions I attend at the end of the year but this is a year for me to regroup and discover the direction that you guys want the TGA to take.

On another note: I have had more than one comment on the lack of good sportsmanship at several recent PBTs -- individuals screaming, yelling and insulting each other. The people who contacted me said how embarrassed they were to be associated with such a group of people. I have witnessed such behavior and agree wholeheartedly, this kind of behavior ruins the tournament for everyone.

Listen folks, I just returned from a week in Las Vegas (the first non-working vacation Kris and I have taken in years) where lots of adults were playing lots of adult games for lots of money and lots of people lost lots of money. What I am saying here is that we aren't just talking about a game between competitors but gambling where real money was at stake and not one of these people carried on the way I have witnessed some participants act in a PBT. Not one! My message here is guys, grow up, behave yourself, learn to behave in a courteous manner.

And if you are one of those people embarrassed by this type of carrying-on, do something about it! It is the PB conductor's duty to stop this kind of behavior. Let him or her know about it and if they won't do anything about it, then let the people in the game know how mortified you are. And if that doesn't work, contact me!

I promise I will take care of the situation. Every time.

Until we meet again,



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