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The Train Games of Federico Vellani

Spring 1996/Vol 3, no 1

This issue we will highlight the Italian 18xx designer, Federico Vellani.

Mr. Vellani has designed three games since 1991.
1841 - The Game of Italian Railways
Formerly known as 1839. It is complicated and takes a lot of time to complete, but is very popular in Germany and has been reproduced until now in 141 copies. In Italy, it is played rarely.

1849 - The Game of Sicilian Railways
A small game previously named 1850 set in Sicily from 1850 to 1922. A good three player game. Has been reproduced in 115 copies and its popularity is rising in Italy where it is the only game, besides 1830, that is played regularly.

1827 - The Grand Game of American Railways
This is the first 18xx monster game and is in beta testing. Can be played using smaller scenarios. Mr. Vellani is looking to publish this game in a professional manner.

Future Works
Vellani is currently extracting from his work with 1827, a small game, called 1827 Jr.

He is also thinking of trying a commercial aviation game to be called 1945 and a complete reworking of 1841.

Federico Vellani has graciously consented to be the TGA's guest at RailCon `96. He has informed us that he hopes to bring with him some of his Italian 18xx associates.


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