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Spring 96 Upcoming Releases

Spring 1997/Vol 4, no 1

Following is a list of train game releases slated for 1997. All information is, of course, subject to change.

1842 by Wolfram Janich, to be produced by Chris Lawson; located in the Holstein area of Northern Germany; release date unknown

18TN by Mark Derrick, produced by Chris Lawson; located in Tennessee and Kentucky; release date unknown

India Rails to be released by Mayfair Games, Inc. The newest entry to the famed Empire Builder or "crayon games" system of train gaming. Expect it to be released in a boxed version for $30. Release date is expected to be early Fall.

Confederate Rails by Richard Berg, produced by Avalon Hill. Just what it says--a game about railroading during the Civil War. Expected release date is early Fall.

Silverton: Various sources tell us that Mayfair Games, Inc still plans to release their version of this popular game. RAIL GAMER informs us that Winsome Games is negotiating the rights for the game. Go figure! If Mayfair produces the game then we can probably expect to see their version this year. If Winsome Games publishes Silverton, they may have to start from scratch which may push the release date back into 1998.


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