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Late Spring 1998 Upcoming Releases

Late Spring 1998/Vol 5, no 2

ConTrack: Switzerland & Austria
Published by Winsome Games

Contrack: Switzerland & Austria is the expansion game for both TRAINSPORT: Switzerland and TRAINSPORT: Austria games. In Contrack, players attempt to fulfill contracts as completely as possible, building railroads to serve the demands of the market. This is a boxed game (4"x6"x1.25"). For 3-5 layers. Playing time: approximately 2 hours. This game is now available and retails for $20.00.

Veld Spoorweg
Designed by Martin Wallace. Published by Winsome Games

Veld Spoorweg is Dutch-Afrikaans for Prairie Railroads and is the second in Winsome Games' Prairie Railroad series, the first being Ferrocarriles Pampas. This game takes place in the fertile prairies of Southern Africa from 1885-1918. Players expand their railroads into the veld after the discovery of gold in Johannesburg and the discovery of diamonds in Kimberley.

The game covers the Orange Free State in its entirety and includes sections of the Cape Colony, Natal, Mozambique and the Traansval Republic. Railroads are created, stock is issued, track is built, dividends are paid and hidden commercial interests are revealed. During the middle of the game, track building is interrupted by the Boer War where the British Empire attacks the Orange Free State and the Traansval Republic. Tube game. For 3-5 players. Playing time is approximately 2 hours. This game is now available and retails for $20.00
RB Player
Published by Intersystem Concepts, Inc.

Following is a quote from a press release sent to me by Intersystem. I can't play this game because I own a Mac but to tell you how good this game might be, on the same day I received this press release from the company, I also received it from another TGA member (downloaded from their web site I assume) -- on the same day!

RB Player is a shareware program that plays Avalon Hill's Rail Baron® board game. With RBP, any combination of human and computer players can compete. It's fast too: the average game takes about 30 minutes.

RBP comes with a standard USA map. For a new challenge play on one of the alternate game maps now available. You can even create your own maps!

Get RB Player Free at Our Web Site!

Download RBP free from the Intersystem web site at Or get a pre-registered copy on disk for $15. Visa & MC accepted. Add $5 S? ($10 outside the US) per order. For more info: email:

Published by Mayfair Games

We are all awaiting eagerly the release of this game but t this point, I haven't heard a thing and daren't venture a guess. All I can say is "Who knows?" Which makes India Rails (their next scheduled train game) to be further away than "Who knows?"


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