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Fall 1997 Upcoming Releases

Fall 1997/Vol 4, no 3

A number of train games are set for release before the end of this year.

India Rails: Published by Mayfair Games, Inc. I have been informed that they are pushing to see India Rails by December but that there are some changes that still need to be made in the map and cards. If we don't see it this year, we are sure to see it before the summer convention season of 98. Good news to every train gamer who ever hated those pesky tubes--Mayfair is doing away with this ill-advised packaging experiment and putting India out as a boxed game.

Silverton: Published by Mayfair Games, Inc. Yes, Mayfair has been experimenting with the format somewhat. At this time, I no longer know if they are even going to use the original KC Lancaster artwork that I saw. First slated for September, Mayfair is now saying December.

Railroad Dynasty: Published by Precedence. Ron Paludan, the game's designer, attended RailCon `97 and playtested this very pleasing card game with a train twist. The cards are city, railroad, or special cards. For any player of Rail Baron, the railroad cards will look very familiar with their utilization of the various railroad logos and route representation. The game plays somewhat like Gin Rummy but does involve some special cards. Ron tells me that they have already incorporated some of the ideas suggested by train gamers attending RailCon into the new design. Precedence is very excited about working with the TGA to help promote this game so you should be seeing some demo copies at future conventions. Look for a December or later release date.

Many of you have asked why I do not publicize the release dates of future Winsome Games, Inc train games. There is a simple reason--I do not receive any kind of press material on Winsome releases. I will try to keep you informed as I learn of the games.


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