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European 18xx Games

Spring 1996/Vol 3, no 1

Mr. Vellani has kindly sent us a list of 18xx variants by European designers which, he says, "can be of interest to... rail gamers in the New World."

1829 Express: Official variant of 1829 northern Board

1829 Intercity: By Han Heidema. Played on both the 1829 northern and southern boards, along with the 1829 Express variant

1829 Lemmings Express: By the famed Stuart Dagger. Allows 1829 to be played in four to five hours

1830 Huron & St. Lawrence: Addes a new corporation based in hex C7 to 1830. Minor modifications to the map and adds new "7" trains.

1831: by Auke Stegnik. Revised by Han Heidema. Map covers southeastern U.S.

1832: by Michael Liebetanz. An 1830 clone covering France

1835: By Klaus Jurgen Fleischer. An 1829 clone covering former West Germany.

1837 (2): By Klaus Jurgen Fleischer. An 1829 clone covering the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.

1853 Refitted: By Stuart Dagger and Steve Jones. Variant for the Imperial India Game.

1839: By Theo Jansma. An 1830 clone covering the Netherlands. Not the 1829 clone by Paul Stouthard and Rob van Wijngaarden

1850 Jr.: By Fabio Pellegrino and his Palermo group. An 1830 variant of Vellani's 1849

1899: By Ingo Meyer. An 1830 clone covering the Korean Peninsula and portion of China

1986: By Rolf Dieter Fendler. Derived from 1829. Covers the Stadtbahn of West Berlin.


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