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Advertisement Rates

Two-Page Spread
7" x 9" (2)
Inside Cover
7" x 9"
Full Page
7" x 9"
1/2 Page
3-1/2" x 9" or 7" x 4-1/2"
1/4 Page
3-1/2" x 4-1/2"

Prices Quoted
Prices quoted may be paid in an equivalent form of product at the discretion of the TGA.

Deadline & Payment
Full ad space must be prepaid and received no later than three weeks before the deadline for publication. Make checks payable to the Train Gamers Association, P.O. Box 461072, Aurora, CO 80046-1072, Attention: Advertising Department.

Whenever possible, requests for special positions will be accommodated and are charged at 20% of the price of the ad space.

Copy Requirements
We request halftones at 133-line screen (nothing less than 100-line screen will be accepted). Artwork should be provided exactly as it should appear in the program, properly sized and requiring no further layout work. Camera work will be billed to you at our cost. Graphic Layout/Design for creating advertisements will be billed to you at $20 an hour. All ads should be black & white or gray scale. We DO NOT accept ads done by dot matrix printers.

Ad Acceptability
The TGA reserves the right to refuse any ad which fails to conform to professional standards of presentation, or which appears misleading, unethical, or offensive. The advertiser assumes liability for all content (including text, representation, and illustration) or material sent, and responsibility for any claims against the publisher that may arise.


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