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RailCon is the National Train Game Conference and Puffing Billy® Championships. It is a meeting place and a gathering of the best train gamers from around the world. You will never encounter fiercer competition whether you participate in the Empire Builder International and 18xx Championships, the Team Competition or the Iron Man Competition. Think of a PBT being taken to the tenth degree and you have an idea of what RailCon's National Puffing Billy® Championship is all about.

It is an international forum where train gamers and manufacturers can meet on a level playing field and where designers can bring the latest in playtest copies of train games for RailCon attendees to try out and give feedback that makes a difference in the train games being released on the gaming market.

It is the place where the TGA Annual Banquet takes place and where we reveal the results of the summer's earlier balloting of TGA members to determine the year's best train games.

RailCon is all of these and more. It is a community of train gamers meeting to participate in some of the toughest competition they will ever experience. It is a place to exchange ideas and strategies and, perhaps, make new friends and find new opponents along the way.


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