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RailCon '98 Vital Information

Convention Hours
Thursday, September 10, 8:00 am through Sunday, September 13, 8:00 pm

Hotel Information

The Doubletree Hotel, located at Quebec and I-70 at the old Stapleton Airport in Denver, CO, is playing host to TactiCon/RailCon `98 this year. This beautiful facility has had several years of experience serving conventions just such as ours and we look forward to an enjoyable weekend of gaming. This facility will also serve as the jumping off point for the Rail Tour the Monday following RailCon and the RailCon room rate will apply the evening of Sunday, September 13th.

Room rates are $69.00 plus tax for a single through a quad. Call 303-321-3333 to make your reservations and please mention TactiCon or the Denver Gamers Association to obtain the convention rate.

Eligibility for Participation
In order to participate in the RailCon '98 Puffing Billy Masters tournament, a train gamer must have won a Puffing Billy Tournament at a TGA sanctioned event. Any TGA member who has accrued the required TGA points may also participate in the Masters tournament. All other train gamers may participate in RailCon '98 at the Open level. Train gamers need not be TGA members in order to participate in RailCon '98.

Types of Play
Individuals and teams may participate in both the Masters and Open Championships. Team makeup will be determined at RailCon in order to create balanced teams. All previously published rules other than this change regarding team play will be followed. All individuals may participate concurrently in individual, team, Iron Man, Empire Builder International, and 18xx tournaments where possible.

Train Gamers Association Annual Banquet
Anyone is eligible to attend the Annual Banquet but only TGA members may vote in the train game awards. The ballots for the awards with be mailed in July of 1998.

Prototypes, Demos, and Other Events
The TGA is always interested in looking for homebrew train games or beta copies of train games headed to publication. The TGA feels that RailCon is a great place to find a national forum for new and upcoming train game releases. Last year, we hosted Ron Paludan and his game, Railroad Dynasty, which saw a national release in November. If you have such a game and are interested in demoing it at RailCon `98, please send a copy or detailed description to:

    Heather Barnhorst
    3347 S Halifax Way
    Aurora, CO 80013

Exhibitors and Advertisers
While RailCon `98 will not hold its own Exhibitor Area, its sister convention (held at the same time and in the same location) will. If you would like to be a part of the RailCon/TactiCon Exhibitor Area or advertise in the RailCon/TactiCon `98 Program, please contact:

Bill Winski or Doug Carey: 1-888-732-6321
(For advertising, please designate your choice of either the TactiCon or RailCon program as your advertising destination.)


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