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1997 Annual Awards

The TGA Annual Awards Ceremony and Banquet took place Saturday night at RailCon `97. The banquet is an opportunity for the TGA to celebrate excellence both among its own membership and among the train game community at large.

Members of the TGA received ballots midsummer either through the mail or via email. Because of the email sending of the ballot, we received more returned ballots than in the previous two years of RailCon `97s existence combined!

Following is a list of the awards given out during this event:

Train Game of the Year (a tie):
Streetcar by Stefan Dorra
Published by Mayfair Games, Inc.

Freight Train by Alan Moon
Published by Mayfair Games, Inc.

TGG Variant of the Year:
Take a Ride on the Reading by Alan Moon
(Republished with the permission of Avalon Hill)

TGA Hall of Fame:
Railway Rivals by David Watts

Train Gamer of the Year:
David Lionett

Puffing Billy Conductor of the Year:
Nancy Ballard


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