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The Puffing Billy

Two Day Sample Schedule
(Mayfair only)

This tournament was designed for use at a retail store which had kicked off a Mayfair month promotion. So, in keeping with this promotion, we designed an all-Mayfair train game PBT for them.

Saturday, May 6th
10:00 am - Noon
Express: Try your hand at this quick card game of train formation that crosses Rummy with Mille Bourne. We will use the first hour to teach the game and play a few practice hands while the second hour will be used for the tournament.

Noon - 4:00 pm
Empire Builder (North American Rails): Empire Builder is the standard system by which all Mayfair's other crayon games may be played. We will teach Empire Builder and play a game. If the player is familiar with the Empire Builder system and would like to try something slightly different, then he/she may play North American Rails, instead.

4:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Empire Builder International: During this time period, we will explain the differences between each of the Empire Builder variants and Empire Builder. Then we will break up into groups so that each player may play one of the following:

1. Australian Rails
2. British Rails
3. Eurorails
4. Nippon Rails

Depending on the games chosen, players may be able to play more than one variant. We will not be playing Iron Dragon during this time period.

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Dampfross: Mayfair Games, Inc imports this german version of Railway Rivals. We will teach the fundamentals of the Railway Rivals and then play a game.

Sunday, May 7th
Noon - 5 pm
1856: Try the latest 18xx variant to be published in the U.S. We will teach this game and try to point out some of the fundamentals common to all 18xx games.

Iron Dragon: This is Mayfair's latest entry into its crayon games genre. Based on the fantasy world of Darwiniana, this game is rapidly becoming popular at conventions around the country. It is by far the longest and most complicated game of all the Empire Builder variants so we will take the extra time to teach this game. It is helpful but not necessary to be familiar with Empire Builder or any of the Empire Builder variants.


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