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The Puffing Billy

Sample Schedules

In this area, you will find a number of sample schedules that you may copy and customize for your own Puffing Billy® tournament. Some of these schedules have been used in real PBTs (indicated where and when at the beginning of each schedule and formatted to suit the needs of the individual conventions) and so show the regional preferences for which train games should be played. Others are generic schedules that the TGA has designed for you to use.

* Creating Your Own Schedule

* Generic Schedules
 One Day
 Two Day
 Two Day (Mayfair only)
 Three Day (Introductory)
 Three Day (Advanced)
 Four Day

* Past PBT Schedules
 AndonCon '97
 BenCon '97
 GenCon '97
 Genghis Con XVII
 Origins '97


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