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The Puffing Billy

Streetcar / Line 1

The following are "official" PBT rulings that have come up at past tournaments. In all cases, the Puffing Billy conductor is the one who makes final decisions regarding rules clarifications.

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When players move their trolley on their route, use variant one in which players roll one six-sided die to determine how far to move their trolleys. Players must still stop at all stops on their routes.

Streetcar has no scoring system within itself, so for purposes of scoring the game for PBT points, please use the following system. Once a player has won the game, assign him 50 points. Then, each of the following players counts how many tiles are left in his/her route before they can finish their route. Each tile is worth one point and each stop is worth two. Subtract that number from 50. That is the player's game score. Any player who has not started moving on his/her route receives a 0 as their game score. Then use these scores to calculate PBT scores.


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