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The following are "official" PBT rulings that have come up at past tournaments. In all cases, the Puffing Billy conductor is the one who makes final decisions regarding rules clarifications.

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General Rules

All standard rules are in effect except where superceded by these tournament rules.

It is explicitly stated in the rules that no one may write down the home cities of his/her opponents. We have never seen this rule followed. Players may take notes on their opponents home cities.

The optional rule decreasing the cost of diesels with an increased number of players may be used in the interest of shortening the time taken to play the game. Buying sets of railways is not allowed in tournament play.

The bonus die for a superchief is rolled separately, after the player's normal turn. Nover roll the dice roll and the bonus die roll at the same time.

A moving player must decide his/her route before rolling the dice. Once the dice have been rolled, a player must immediately move the pawn along the chosen route, counting aloud the movement; a pawn once moved is moved and its path may not be retraced while making that run.

The game has four record-keeping duties; one player should take each: banker, keeper of the deeds (will run all bankruptcy sales), destination looker, and payoff looker.

Determining final game scores

In those games where the game ends in the allotted time limit, only cash on hand will count toward the winning total.

In those games where the time limit has expired and no player has achieved a victory, the player with the highest total of cash on hand plus the face value of the rail lines and the purchase value of the special trains shall win the game.

In those games where the winner might have a total score less than the other players, those players who have a total score greater than the winner will earn the maximum bonus point of .5 in the Puffing Billy scoring system.


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