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The following are "official" PBT rulings that have come up at past tournaments. In all cases, the Puffing Billy conductor is the one who makes final decisions regarding rules clarifications.

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All standard rules are in effect except where noted.

The rules state that copper chits are worth $1, silver chits are worth $5, and gold chits are worth 10. For purposes of tournament play and to speed the play of the game, silver chits shall be worth $3. In this manner, less change will have to be made during the tallying up phase of each day.

In a game that has not finished by the end of the allotted time period, the player with the most money in hand is the winner. No points on the table for the hand in play should be scored.

Please note that the first player of each turn moves around the table with the wooden train engine, i.e., the player who moves first during Turn A will move last during Turn B. This type of movement continues through the next day so that the person who started first on the last turn of Day One will go last on the first turn of Day Two.

Once a player starts placing new cards on a siding in the central switching yard, they cannot change their mind. Placing new cards on the siding never requires a player to take cards from the central switchyard.

Once the Trains Leaving also known as the Night Card is drawn, that day is ended. Play proceeds until everyone around the board has had a turn and play returns to the first player. Play is treated as if a normal turn were being taken, i.e., players may continue to place cards onto sidings in the central switchyard if it is legal to do so.

An additional loco may never be called up during the third day.

Mayfair's variant play for Cabooses is not allowed for PBT play.


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