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The following are "official" PBT rulings that have come up at past tournaments. In all cases, the Puffing Billy conductor is the one who makes final decisions regarding rules clarifications.

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All standard rules are in effect.

Partnership play is not allowed during tournament play since partnership play always results in ties.

Players play to 100 points. In a game that has not finished by the end of the allotted time period, the most number of points on the score-board is the winner. No points on the table for the hand in play should be scored.

Once a player has played their discard, placed all their trains and engines down, and indicated that their turn is finished, no take-backs will be allowed unless they are holding more than five cards and have thus made an illegal play.

Killing Waycars: Please note that waycars cannot be protected from being removed by a disaster or removed by another waycar. Waycars can only prevent the effects of disasters on trains. This is a subtle but important point.

Wild Cards can be played in the second position on a train, but not to change the car type of the train. They can only be used in their variable car function; i.e., a wild card in second position is automatically the same type of car as was played in the first position. It cannot be used to change the meld.

It is conceivable, though unlikely, that a player be dealt a hand consisting of more than seven disasters and thus be unable to meld and discard their hand down to the five card minimum. In this case, the players displays their hand and draws a new hand, shuffling the old cards back into the deck. This action must be taken before anyone takes their first turn.


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