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The following are "official" PBT rulings that have come up at past tournaments. In all cases, the Puffing Billy conductor is the one who makes final decisions regarding rules clarifications.

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General Rules

The February 1986 rules edition is the official rule book.

Play must be called thirty minutes before the end of the allotted time period to allow for score calculation. If the players are in a stock round, then they may also finish the operating rounds. If they are in an operating round, then the game ends after t\plainhey have completed all their operating rounds.

For tournament play, the player drawing the first position at the game board shall be designated banker.

Personal money is public.

A player going bankrupt may win the game.

No variants shall be used. The extra type "6" train shall be used only is the PBC so specifies in advance.

A player must be able to run the new track of section that they have upgraded in order to make the upgrade.

Beginning with the double operating round phase (after the first "3" train is purchased), we recommend that revenues be recorded for the entire set of rounds and distributed before each Stock round to speed the play of the game. Each player is expected to track revenues due them. Company credit is paid immediately to the company.

Stock Rounds and Private companies

Avalon Hill determined that companies sold between players do not affect the priority deal card position. This rule means that even though the transaction may only occur during the buyer's or seller's turn in a Stock Round (other than the first), the transaction does not keep a Stock Round open and it odes not prevent the purchase of a share of stock from the bank in the same turn.

As noted in the General, you may buy a share of stock and then immediately sell it on a single player turn.

You may sell a stock, then buy; buy, then sell; but NOT sell, buy, and sell again.

Rule 7.3:A complete Stock Round occurs after everyone has stopped trading as per rule 4.0. A bid on a private company is a stock action and is treated the same for purposes of determining the end of a Stock Round.

Stock prices move up (for sold out companies) only at the end of a stock round, not during operation rounds.

The stock market affects shares purchased from the bank pool only; it does not affect initial share purchases in any way.

Selling player chooses company order when selling stock and all shares sold from the same company are sold as a block.

Rule 10.0:The brown zone of the stock market allows players to purchase an unlimited number of shares on a single player turn during a Stock Round, but only from the Bank Pool. The stock market does not affect the purchases of new stock.

Rule 11.0:If the Mohawk & Hudson is exchanged for a NYC share after the end of a Stock Round, it is considered to have been exchanged during an Operating Round. For example, 50% of the NYC was purchased before the Stock Round ended so the NYC is not considered formed. Private company revenues are paid, but before the corporations have operated, the owner of the Mexchanges the Mfor a 10% certificate of the NYC. The exchange means that 60% of the NYC has been purchased. The NYC is not active until the next Operating Round since it is considered to have operated already in the rorm of the M?.

Rule 23.1:Private companies may be purchased by a corporation after the corporation has finished purchasing new trains (see 17.0 for exception).

Rule 24.0:If a president is forced to raise personal funds to purchase a train for a corporation, the president may only sell enough stock to buy a train. The player must buy the cheapest train available, not limited to the bank. When adding personal cash to the total, the president may not pay more than face value for a train. The president may not sell the presidency out of the corporation forced to buy a train. When a corporation is not forced to buy a train, players may not add money from their personal money to buy a train from another player.


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