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The following are "official" PBT rulings that have come up at past tournaments. In all cases, the Puffing Billy conductor is the one who makes final decisions regarding rules clarifications.

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General Rules

The PBC should specify whether expansion tiles and/or expansion trains are to be used. We recommend that the Northern board use both sets.

Use of the optional double heading rule (paragraph 87) is highly recommended.

For tournament play, the player drawing first position at a game board shall be designated banker.

Beginning with the double Operating Round phase, revenues may be recorded for the entire set of rounds and distributed before each Stock Round to speed the play of the game. Each player is expected to track the revenues due them. Company credit is paid immediately to the company.

Rules Clarifications for the Business Game (Part Three)

Paragraph 53 to 56 and 69:Changes on train ownership limits the retirement of obsolete trains occurring after the purchasing of the train which triggers the change. For example:The LNWR owns three "2" trains and one "3" train during Phase Two. Since the limit during Phase Two is four trains, the LNWR may not purchase a "5" train and the LNWR's "2" trains are not retired until after the first "5" train has been purchased.

Paragraph 68:Players may both purchase a certificate and sell certificates on each turn during the second and subsequent share dealing rounds. Players may not buy and sell shares in the same company on the same turn. Note that this is different than 1830. This rule is stated in paragraph 68.9.

Paragraph 71:The game ends at the end of an operating round and not at the completion of all operating rounds before the beginning of a share dealing round.

Paragraph 81:All discussions involving the game are to be made publicly at the game table. A discussion should not slow the play of the game. While a director is active during their company's turn, no other player should be "guiding" the director's decisions.

Paragraph 87:Any two trains may be combined together to double head out of a station, but the most effective train size is the largest of the two trains plus one city.

Page 22:The banker should still umpire disputes or points of interpretation regarding the rules in tournament games, but the PBC is the final decision maker involving Puffing Billy events.


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