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The Puffing Billy

Recent Results

Below is a list of recent Puffing Billy tournaments and their results. Check back for updated lists as they become available. TGA member rankings will also be online soon.

Sunquest `98
March, 1998
Orlando, FL
Number of Participants: 17
Puffing Billy Conductor:
Dave Lionett
Puffing Billy Champion:
Ed Hewlett (12.1253) -- 1 pt

1870: Ed Hewlett
1856: Dave Lionett
1830: Jeff Jackson
Express: Doug Callulo
Rail Baron: Doug Callulo
Empire Builder: Mike Lein
EB International: Don Bingle
Railway Rivals: Jeff Jackson
Streetcar: Doug Callulo
Freight Train: Don Bingle

PrezCon `98
February 26- March 1, 1998
Number of Participants: 24
Puffing Billy Conductor:
Brain Carr
Puffing Billy Champion:
Eyal Mozes (8.496) -- 2 pts

1830: David Platnick
Empire Builder: Eyal Mozes
Rail Baron: Bill Crenshaw

Dreamation `98
January 29-February 1, 1998
Elizabeth, NJ
Number of Participants: 16
Puffing Billy Conductor:
Dave Lionett
Puffing Billy Champion:
Dave Lionett (9.086) -- 1 pt

Empire Builder: Dave Lionett
Silverton: Ted Mullally
EB International: Dave Lionett
Streetcar: Dave Lionett
Rail Baron: Ed Klehr
1870: Dave Lionett
1830: Dave Lionett

Chattanooga Rail Challenge
January 1998
Chattanooga, TN
Number of Participants: 29
Puffing Billy Conductor:
Mark Derrick
Puffing Billy Champion:
Anthony Carver (12.41379) -- 2 pts.
Dave Lionett (12.22181) -- 1 pt.
Ed Hewlett (12.31794)
James Orrison (11.8654)
Jeremy Vipperman (11.5560)
18xx champion: Anthony Carver
EB System Champion:
Rick Goudeau
Winsome Games Champion: Allen Hammack

The tin loco, which was awarded for the first player bankruptcy was claimed in a five player Rail Baron game on Friday night. The "winner" who I will not identify was a good sport about his award, and I am pleased to announce made up for it by being one of the champions listed above. New playtest games were played including India Rails, 18GA (set in Georgia), and 1857 (set in Wisconsin). Carl Burger ran an epic 1831 game to conclusion on Saturday. Some of Chris Lawson's game kits were shipped over and they were all quickly bought up. Thanks to everyone who participated and to all that provided prizes including the TGA, Winsome Games, and Rail Gamer magazine.

MikeCon 3
Novemeber 30, 1997
Vancouver, BC
Number of Participants: 8
Puffing Billy Conductors:
Mike Massullo
Puffing Billy Champion:
John Puddifoot (6.0623)-- 1 pt

Ed Hewlett Invitational
November 28, 1997
Number of Participants:
Less than 20
Puffing Billy Conductor:
Ed Hewlett
Puffing Billy Champion:
Dave Lionett (12.7107) -- 1 pt

Silverton: Dave Lionett
Empire Builder: Ed Hewlett
1830: Dave Lionett

UCON `97
Novemeber 14-16 ,1997
Ann Arbor, MI
Number of Participants: 25
Puffing Billy Conductor:
Al Stiles
Puffing Billy Champion:
Ed Hewlett (12.7909) -- 2 pts
Al Stiles (12.3752) -- 1 pt

Silverton: Al Stiles
Empire Builder: Ed Hewlett
Eurorails: Al Stiles

Mass Confusion
November 1, 1997
Number of Participants: 8
Puffing Billy Conductor:
David Mitton
Puffing Billy Champion:
Dave Lionett (6.0623)-- 1 pt

1830: Mike Chambers
1870: Dave Lionett
Eurorails: Dave Lionett
Express: Dave Lionett
Silverton: Rob Kirchev

Adventure Gamefest NW
October 17-19, 1997
Portland, OR
Number of Participants:
Less than 20
Puffing Billy Conductor:
Wlliam Bold
Puffing Billy Champion:
Dave Blanchard (7.648) -- 1 pt
2038: Phil Lowmaster

Empire Builder: Tom Edwards
Eurorails: Michael Monical
Trainsport: Switzerland:
Boyd Butcher
Silverton: Rob Kirchev
Rail Baron #1: Dave Blanchard
Rail Baron #2: Michael Ehli


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