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Restricted Games List

Following is a list of railroad games that have been categorized as "restricted" in terms of the Puffing Billy® Tournament. Many of them are fine games and we encourage you to find a copy and try them sometime.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Rail Gamer (edited by David Metheny) who has put together a master list of train games and which we used in part to compile this list.

Across the Continent (Parker Brothers)
C?/B? (Avalon Hill)
Colorado Railroads Game (Wham)
Derail (Manufacturer Unknown)
Dispatcher (Avalon Hill)
Orient Express (Jumbo)
Southern Railway Fast Freight (American)
The Train Game (Koplow)
There and Back (Clifford)
U.S. Rails (Winsome Games): Restricted status has nothing to do with its playability but simply because it is an add-on for Rail Baron by Avalon Hill
Zug Nack Westen (Mattel)

Following are a list of train games that we have either never seen or which have not been requested for PBT play. They can be considered part of Category Ten until further notice.

Box Cars (Erickson): Actually can be played in place of Rail Baron since it is essentially Rail Baron with a spinner
Ferocarriles Pampas (Winsome Games)
Hans Dampf (Blatz)
High Iron (Winsome Games)
Rail Masters (Randall)
Railroader (Waddingtons)
Rock Island (Hans Im Gluck)
Tracks to Titicaca (Winsome Games)


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