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The Puffing Billy

Conductor Responsibilities

Puffing Billy® tournaments are the best tools that the TGA can thinking of for promoting both train gaming and the Train Gamers Association which means that we want to support the efforts of our Puffing Billy® Conductors in any way possible. That means that we will provide you with any materials that we have available and that we will offer advice and assistance whenever you need it.

Following are a number of convention duties listed so as to give you a better idea as to your responsibilities as a PB Conductor for the TGA. Please be considerate and courteous to your local convention organizers. They will judge the TGA on your behavior and level of professionalism.

Pre-Convention Preparations

  • First and foremost, start the sanctioning process for your PBT!

  • Contact your local convention organizers to ascertain if they wish to host a Puffing Billy® Tournament at their convention. If so, provide them with the Puffing Billy Insert listing tournament rules, classes and scoring system.

  • Submit your schedule and event descriptions along with your space requirements to the convention. Let them know that you will need all the train games to run in one area, that you will need space to set up your Puffing Billy® Central area, and any other special needs you may have. Let them know if you will be using a computer to track your participants and to calculate their scores so that they know to provide you with power.

  • Coordinate with any non-Puffing Billy® game judges who may have volunteered to run train games. Ask them to use the PB score sheet so that they may enter their gamers into the Puffing Billy® tournament (may be done onsite but doing so before the events take place is a good idea).

  • Recruit any volunteers that you may need. It is always nice to have extra bodies to help score and collate results, to organize the games and to mediate rules disputes and other general questions about the tournament.

  • Organize your materials: pencils, signs, paper, tacks, tape, file folders, index cards, calculators. Figure out who is going to provide copies of the games you will be running (contact the TGA in plenty of time to procure a PB Conductor trunk if your convention wants to use one). Make sure the gamers understand to bring their copies if they own any.

  • Make sure that you have all the TGA promotional materials and/or prize packages that you need before the convention starts.

  • Send a convention prereg pamphlet to the TGA and a notice of your tournament to Train Gamers Gazette so that it may be inserted into the Convention News.

  • Attend any pre-convention meetings deemed appropriate.

Convention Duties

  • Show up early enough to set up before the games are scheduled to start.

  • Lay out any promotional materials the TGA may have provided you for your train gamers. If you have the means, copy some of the TGA membership forms and hand them out.

  • Start the gamers in their events. Try to set even tables and try to start all the tables at the same time. If there are not enough games for everyone to play, priority goes to those players who preregistered or who brought their own game and then to those who showed up first. All events should be unlimited (in reality, limited to number of playing boards available).

  • Record all names, addresses, etc. of your participants on the form provided. There is nothing more disappointing to a train gamer to know that he qualified for the RailCon Masters event but was not invited because the TGA did not have a valid address for him. Also, recording the names will allow the TGA to accurately count how many people participated in the tournament when it comes time to award TGA ranking points.

  • Make sure all games are finished and picked up by the end of the allocated time period.

  • Make sure to record the scores for each board.

  • Score games. If you are scoring manually, you will be investing some time in this process. To make the process easier, we suggest you use index cards. Fill out a card for each person and rcord on it each event in which they participate and the category for that event. File all cards alphabetically by last name so that you will be able to see what each person played and their score by flipping through the card file.

  • Post individual train game event winners, the overall Puffing Billy ® tournament winner, and individual PBT participant scores. If you have run team events, an 18xx or Empire Builder International competition, or an Iron Man

    competition, then post these results, also.
  • Award any trophies, and/or gift certificates provided by the local convention or corporate sponsors.

Post-Convention Duties

Report all results to your local convention organizers and the TGA. Please include all the names and addresses of your participants, a tournament winners list and all cumulative PB scores. Don't forget to report individual tournament winners if there were any and any sponsors and donors of prizes.


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