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Pick-Up Games

Somewhere along the way, a special feature of the PBT developed on its own. It was never planned and so its growth and the policies surrounding it have grown up in a rather haphazard manner. That feature is "the pick-up game."

What is the pick-up game? The pick-up game is not open gaming. We certainly can't hope to nor do we want to regulate open gaming. Open gaming is simply the spontaneous desire of a group of people to play a game. The pick-up game on the other hand is a game played specifically to enable the players to qualify in a category so that they can compete in the overall PBT. It was developed back when the TGA was still struggling with the stucture of the PBT, both for large and small conventions, and whether we like it or not, it is here to stay at most conventions. But is also the most abused aspect of the PBT and the most open to accusations of cheating.

  • Individuals may participate in pick-up games in order to qualify for the Puffing Billy® tournament but they must pay all applicable event fees.

  • A pick-up game must comprise of at least three people who are not on the same team.

  • It must be played and finished within the published convention hours and must take place on the convention floor within the PBT area.

  • All pick-up games must be approved beforehand by a Puffing Billy® Conductor.

  • No pick-up game counts for a final.

  • The conductor may designate certain games as pick-up games to be played when three or more players have finished their games and there is enough time left in the event slot to play another game. We suggest games such as Express, Railroad Dynasty and Streetcar be designated as pick-up games in such a schedule.

We consider these provisos to be extremely important! It is unfair to PBT participants to allow some of them all night to game in order to qualify for the PBT. It also opens the conductors to accusations of partiality. It is impossible to police for cases of cheating unless the conductor stays up all night too. And no conductor should do that! It impairs his ability to conduct the PBT to the best of his ability.


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