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The Puffing Billy


The Puffing Billy Tournament's aim is to discover, through a number of competitions, the best overall train game player at a convention. We do this by introducing you to a wide range of train games through a competition setting in a system that encourages you to try many different types of train games.

First, we designed a scoring system that takes any score that you can attain in a train game (be it an 18xx game, an Empire Builder system game, a card game or any other type of train game) and universalizes the score into a Puffing Billy score. We also built into the system bonuses for close scores in the initial rounds of play to encourage players to compete against gamers of like skills. We feel that this process gives the inexperienced player and the advanced competitor equal chances at enjoyable play.

Then, we took every train game that we knew about and categorized it into one of ten categories and required that you play in a set number of categories in order to qualify for the tournament. In any given tournament, you will be required to play in at least two different categories (you may play as many times in those categories as you wish) an perhaps be required to participate in as many as five different categories. We then take your best score from each of the categories required of you and use them as your cumulative Puffing Billy score. The top cumulative score wins the tournament. This system supports our goal of fostering the play of many different types of train games.

A number of lesser competitions such as the Iron Man, 18xx championship and the Empire Builder International competition have been added to cater to certain types of train games but our overall emphasis will always be the Puffing Billy Tournament. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.


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