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Divisional Puffing Billy
Tournament Application

To be designated a host of a Divisional Puffing Billy® Tournament, a convention must meet stringent standards set by the Train Gamers Association but in return will receive many benefits that local Puffing Billy Tournaments do not. In order to better facilitate your application process, please include any information that you feel will make our decision-making process speedy and accurate.

The TGA will support your Divisional PBT in the following ways:

  • Your convention will be highlighted within the Train Gamers Gazette as a host of a Divisional PBT. Many train gamers use our guide when deciding which conventions to attend.
  • Your convention will receive bonus points to be awarded to TGA members over and above those given at regular PBTs. Many of our members are fiercely competitive when it comes to acquiring PBT points and will attend PBTs based on how many points they think they can win.
  • Your convention will receive prize support from the TGA based on how many train gamers attend your PBT and the type of train game tournaments you stage. As a convention organizer, you will receive access to the highest rated Puffing Billy Conductors available to run your PBT. In some cases, the TGA will be willing to send out a team of conductors to run your PBT if you request it. We have final approval of Puffing Billy Conductors.
  • If your convention requests it, we will create a schedule for you PBT.
  • Your convention will qualify to run ads in the Train Gamers Gazette at a discounted price.

In return, the TGA requires the following:

  • We will provide you with a Puffing Billy Insert that we ask be included in your preregistration and program booklets. This insert explains the Puffing Billy Tournament and its scoring system to train gamers participating in your PBT.
  • We require that our organization and conductors be the only group running train games at your convention.
  • We ask that our promotional materials be displayed in the Puffing Billy Tournament area.
  • We ask that the paperwork be turned into us promptly. If paperwork is incomplete then your convention may lose its designation as a host of within the Divisional PBT Program.

By signing this application, you agree to the terms detailed above.

All Puffing Billy Tournaments must be approved in advance by the Train Gamers Association.

Name of Convention



Contact Address

Contact Phone and e-mail

Will you be creating your own PBT schedule or do you wish to have one provided by the TGA?

    [__] We will create our own PBT schedule
    [__] We wish for the TGA to provide a PBT schedule

Place any additional comments about your conventions needs in terms of the PBT schedule here, including any local favorite train games, etc.



Will you be providing your own Puffing Billy Conductor (train game gamemaster) or do you wish the TGA to find one for you (based on availability and willingness)?

    [__] We will provide our own PB Conductor
    [__] We wish for the TGA to search for a PB Conductor for us

In the space below, please print as much information as possible about the convention that will be hosting this Puffing Billy Tournament. Please include number of years running, number of attendees expected, number of train gamers expected, and any type of gift awards the convention plans to award to Puffing Billy Tournament winners.



Puffing Billy Conductor Name


City, State, ZIP

Day Phone & Evening Phone

TGA # (if applicable)

e-mail address

Signature of Convention Coordinator

Please complete and return to:

Train Gamers Association
P.O. Box 461072
Aurora, CO 80046-1072
e-mail address: