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18xx Variants: Form railroads, issue stock, and pay dividends in these games about the beginnings or railbuilding in various countries.

1829 by Hartland
1825, 1853 by Francis Tresham
1832, 1850 by Bill Dixon
1839, 1849 (2) by Federico Vellani
1837 by Leonhard Orgler

1830 by Avalon Hill: Try the U.S. Eastern seaboard game or railbuilding and stock market manipulation that started the 18xx craze in North America.

1835 by Hans Im Gluck: Players build railroads and manipulate stock while becoming rail barons in Germany. An 18xx variant.

1856 by Bill Dixon and published by Mayfair Games Inc.: An 18xx variant that takes place in upper Canada.

1870 by Bill Dixon and published by Mayfair Games, Inc.: An 18xx variant of railbuilding in the trans Mississippi area.

Empire Builder/North American Rails by Mayfair Games, Inc.: Test your ability to create a North American railroad empire.

Empire Builder International by Mayfair Games, Inc.: Players build railroad empires in international areas using the Empire Builder system. May include Eurorails and Iron Dragon.

Australia Rails
British Rails
Nippon Rails

Eurorails by Mayfair Games, Inc.: Become a rail baron in the new Europe. An Empire Builder variant.

Express by Mayfair Games, Inc.: A fast-paced card game of train formation. Score points by assembling your own trains.

Freight Train by Mayfair Games, Inc.: A card game set in the freight yards. Assemble freight trains and accrue money.

The Great Western Railway Game by Gibsons Games: Relive the age of England's Great Western Railway.

Iron Dragon by Mayfair Games, Inc.: An Empire Builder variant in a fantasy setting.

Iron Horse: A card game for train fanatics.

Rail Baron by Avalon Hill: Race from destination to destination while amassing railroad deeds and cash in this classic train game.

Railroad Dynasty by Precedence: Connect cities and raillines in this rummy-like train game.

Railway Rivals by Games Workshop: A fast and furious game of building railways and competing for load contracts. Any number of variant maps may be used including Dampfross (distributed in the U.S. by Mayfair Games, Inc.)

Santa Fe by White Wind, Inc.: Try this game about the western expansion of the railroads.

Silverton by Mayfair Games, Inc.: Railroading in the Colorado Rockies and beyond.

Tracks to Telluride by Winsome Games: A fast game of Colorado railbuilding.

Trainsport: Austria and Trainsport: Switzerland by Winsome Games: Compete for contracts in these railroading games set in Europe


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