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The Puffing Billy

Conventions Hosting PBTs

Following is a listing of sanctioned Puffing Billy Tournaments taking place in future months. If you know a convention that should be added to this list, email us the details and we'll see that it is included.

DragonCon `98
Labor Day Weekend, 1998
Atlanta, GA
Info: John Bunnell -

Puffing Billy Conductors:
David Lionett
Anthony Carver

Gateway `98
Labor Day Weekend, 1998
Los Angeles, CA - LAX Wyndham
Info: Strategicon - 818-848-1748

Puffing Billy Conductors:
Nancy Ballard
William Gallagher

RailCon `98
September 10-13, 1998
Denver, CO - Doubletree Hotel - I-70 and Quebec

Info: Denver Gamers Association

Puffing Billy Conductors:
Heather Barnhorst
Stephanie Barnhorst
Dyan Stevens

This is the national train game conference and Puffing Billy® championships. Events include Iron Man, 18xx and Empire Builder Championships, team play, and the TGA Annual Banquet and awards. This con is run concurrently with its sister convention, TactiCon `98. An admission to either convention gets you into both. TactiCon `98 will run all types of games, and Exhibitors Area, computer games room, and juniors section.

Other Convention News:

We welcome a new convention in Toronto, Canada which is running a PBT at the beginning of May. George Tertysznyj is serving as Puffing Billy conductor.

A tentative PBT will be set up for Mile-Hi Con in Denver, CO at the end of October if all goes well. Watch this Web page for more details.

Con-quest, a combo science fiction/ media/ comics/ gaming convention, occurring in Colorado Springs in March of 1999 has invited the TGA to run a PBT. Watch this Web page for more details.


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