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Opportunities to Participate

As a TGA member you will be able to participate in our activities in a number of ways:

  • By playing in any Puffing Billy® tournament around the country

  • By attending RailCon

  • By organizing a local TGA train game club

  • By hosting a local TGA Open House to introduce local gamers to the TGA and to train gaming

  • By becoming involved as a Puffing Billy® conductor for conventions across North America. You can become an ambassador for the TGA and for train gaming as a whole.

  • By receiving a subscription to the Train Gamers Gazette which contains industry and fellow gamer news and a game insert that is often not obtainable anywhere else.

  • By having access to the TGA's community area on our website where you can talk to other train gamers and designers about your favorite train game subjects and where you can give feedback directly to the TGA on the direction you want the TGA and train gaming to take.

The TGA is a young organization with lots of room to grow which means that you can have an instrumental and pivotal role in how the TGA evolves. Since we are a grassroots operation, we are extremely open to your viewpoint and to your ideas. If this sounds like the type of organization you want to be involved with, join the TGA now.


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