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I believe that the TGA has a long, bright future ahead of it. But like any organization in its infancy it has growing pains, especially financial growing pains. While we always seem to have enough funds to cover our basic expenses, we never have enough to accomplish many of the goals that we have set for ourselves such as:

  • Publishing the second edition of the Puffing Billy Conductor Handbook

  • Supporting more Puffing Billy Tournaments around the country

  • Supporting the conventions that already run PBTs better

  • Providing more innovative benefits of membership

  • Better promotions of both the TGA and RailCon

  • Supporting the hobby of train gaming to our full abilities

That's a lot for a little organization to achieve but I do believe that it is possible--with help from some of our more concerned friends. Friends, perhaps, such as you?

You may be wondering what you can do to support the TGA. I would like to offer this suggestion. Why not purchase a lifetime membership to the TGA?

A lifetime membership means that you never have to worry about renewing again, and, as the organization grows, we hope to add new benefits exclusive to lifetime memberships. For the TGA, it could make a world of difference in what we are trying to achieve and when it will happen.

Several members already possess lifetime memberships, mainly through the donation of needed equipment. After pricing the cost of equipment, I have come to the conclusion that $350 is an equitable fee. If you feel you cannot purchase a lifetime membership at this time, I certainly understand and would not blame you. But if you decide that a lifetime membership is for you, the TGA will be forever grateful for the opportunities you have afforded, both to the organization and to train gaming as a whole.

Please consider this offer carefully and let me leave you with

My Warm Regards,

Heather Barnhorst


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