2.4.7   SEFER RAZIEL (The Book of the Angel Raziel)

Two qualities make this book noteworthy. First, it is one of only two celestial tomes not written by the Seraph, Metatron. As the name suggests, the angel Raziel wrote it. Its second claim to fame is that it is the only one of the nine holy books to have passed into the hands of humans.

After completion of this work, Raziel gave a copy to Adam. But the children of fire, being envious of this gesture, stole the book and cast it into the sea. God told Rehab to retrieve it from the depths and return it to Adam—a gesture many of the children of fire have failed to comprehend. As the centuries passed, the book ended up in the hands of some of the most influential children of clay including Enoch, Noah, and Solomon.

The book contains the inner workings of celestial power and structure. Of primary importance are the comprehensive descriptions of angelic forces. It further explains how humans can mimic and control these powers. This book is solely responsible for the development of sorcery among the children of clay— a development that is very significant in light of the fact that some sorcerers can become so powerful they can contend with even the mightiest among the children of fire. For this reason, it is understandable that the angels did not want such a work to pass into the hands of men.

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