This book, written by the Seraph, Metatron, deals with the prophecy passed down from the Almighty to the wisest of his angels. It details, in poetic and often vague language, the judgment days of both the children of fire and the children of clay. It talks of a final war in heaven and how Sammael and his minions will be defeated once more.

In many respects, Resolutions is similar to the book of Revelations found in the Bible. The primary difference comes in the emphasis on celestial events and the overall tone of the piece. Metatron has intentionally made it both inspiring and motivating in an effort to rally the troops, who must, in the end, fight and win this great war.

    Behold, the dragon wakes. Spreading his wings, the evil serpent launches into the sky, a third of the stars following in toe.
    I: XXXIV

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