The angel Raziel brought his infamous book, Sefer Raziel, to the earth millennia ago. Within in its pages was the key to unlocking the power of all angels. Among those who possessed this book, King Solomon was the most noteworthy. From the information he gleamed, all sorcery was born. The descendants of Solomon have brought his art to an astonishing level by trapping and tapping the power of the children of fire. Through talismans and ritualistic magic, they have gained great knowledge and strength.

Two of the mightiest sorcerers were Jannes and Jambres. These two Egyptian wizards ascended to Heaven to test their skills (a feat in and of itself thought impossible by mortal men). So strong was their magic that neither Gabriel nor Michael could dispatch them. Only Metatron, the highest of all angels, was able to throw them from the halls of Heaven. But even this was no easy task.

Sorcerers possess a wide range of powers. Many have talismans that grant immunity to some forms of physical attack. In addition, sorcerers have mastered rituals allowing them to call and bind both angels and demons. A thorough discussion of sorcery and sorcerers is beyond the scope of this introductory work. A later supplement will fully detail these aspects of the game. For now, storytellers are encouraged to use their creativity to utilize sorcerers wherever and however they see fit to enhance their story.

Keep in mind that not all sorcerers are intrinsically evil. Yes, many of them have wicked hearts, but there are those in the world who seek good for both children of fire and children of clay. For the most part, however, sorcerers tend to be an eccentric lot, seeking only to satiate their own warped desires.

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